Horse Owners have their say on hay

March 31, 2023 11:10 AM By Krista Lea and Hay & Forage MagazineThe author is a research analyst and horse pasture evaluation program coordinator with the University of Kentucky. Alfalfa hay has its place in a horse diet, just

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Caleb’s Testimonial

Meet Caleb from the rolling hills of Dallastown, PA and his pup Jax. He has an AF10 Accumulator and a 510F Grabber.   “On the side of equipment I’d say the biggest benefit is that my 78 year old grandpa can pick up bales while sitting in the

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The evolution of hay production

The relationship between the hay producer and the customer of horse hay is key to

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Kenny Kuhns, Norden Founder Understands Farmers Challenges

Our company was founded by Kenny Kuhns, a farmer looking to innovate and overcome obstacles with more efficient farm

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A New Name, A Clearer Identity, A Bigger Future

Change can be daunting, but it can also be exciting. For Kuhns Mfg, a company that has experienced tremendous growth over the years, change has become a necessity. With a presence on five continents and a global reach, it’s important for the company

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