August 10th


Hay Farm


Keith Yawn, owner of Keith’s Hay Farm, shares his experience with past hay baling systems and why Norden’s System fixed all his problems.

Keith’s Hay Farm is located in Hazlehurst, GA. Keith has a 70 acre farm and he does the whole operation himself. Keith says he loves the Norden System for several reasons. First he had been using a system where the bales were dragged on the ground. This complicated the baling process because you could not cross a windrow. It also did not do corners well at all! So he would roll around the ends with the round baler. As you could imagine this would be frustrating, but Keith said Norden fixed all those issues!

 “It is a very simple and easy system to adjust and set!” – Keith Yawn

Piece of


“I have an extensive background in setting up and working on farming equipment. The advice I would give anyone who considers or has purchased a Norden Accumulator are two things. No piece of equipment is 100% perfect. The simpler the better. I have worked on those systems with hydraulics and switches and I purchased a Norden.” – Keith Yawn

To wrap things up with Keith we asked him why he loves farming he responded, “I love hay farming because it is a wonderful way to experience life. It can be challenging but I love to make hay!”