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Our mission at Norden Mfg. is always to raise the tide for the purpose of lifting all boats. As a family of farmers, our ideas are led by experience, cultivated by the community, and designed into machines that strengthen our industry. Our family embraces a history of goodwill, ingenuity, and determination. Today, this history drives us to manufacture simple, safe, and sustainable equipment that keeps our industry strong—because success is only as sustainable as the community that fosters it.

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Keeping the Future in Mind

Norden Mfg. will always celebrate the Kuhns family's inspiring history. And as our company continues to navigate the path forward, we continue to look towards True North, or in German, our Norden, to develop new and innovative ideas, which guide us to the simplest solutions, the best results, and the greatest success for farmers throughout the agricultural industries.


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Our history and family remain key drivers for the Norden brand. Keeping family close, we value working as a team in order to generate new ideas, improve our facilities, and grow year after year, which maintains the strength of our brand.

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Farming As Community

Farming is a community like none other. Here at Norden Mfg this community informs our experiences and expertise, cultivates our ideas, and guides our designs to improve farming everywhere. Your success is our success.

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Safety is paramount to our designs. Our products are engineered by farmers who understand the inherent dangers of the industry. Our deep understanding of these obstacles means that the design of Norden Mfg equipment is designed first and foremost to overcome them, and also to provide a safe working environment for you and your crew.

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As the industry expands and improves, so do we. Norden Mfg keeps sustainability at the forefront of our product line to provide farmers with timeless solutions to an essential industry.

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Making Simple Simpler

Our team takes simplicity to a new level when designing highly efficient machines. We build some of the toughest machines in the industry, installed with operating technology that is easy to navigate and safe to use. The result is a user experience that will remind you of why you got into farming in the first place.

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