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How to Grade Your Driveway with a Crowning Grader

A well-maintained driveway not only adds to your property’s curb appeal but also ensures a smooth ride for vehicles and proper drainage during rainy seasons. One key tool that can help achieve this is a crowning driveway grader. This handy equipment

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Will Wooley’s Testimonial

Owner of Clovebrooke Farms, Will Wooley shares why he uses the Norden Bale System and what he loves about it.

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Cedar Creek Farm Testimonial

Gerald Crider owner of Cedar Creek Farm who farms along with his grandson Justin Smith, shares a little about his 200 year old farm and why the Norden Bale Accumulator has sped up his entire baling process.

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Keith’s Hay Farm Testimonial

Keith Yawn, owner of Keith’s Hay Farm, shares his experience with past hay baling systems and why Norden’s System fixed all his problems.

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R&D Malcolm Farms Testimonial

Owner of R&D Malcolm Farms Dean Malcolm and son Colin Malcolm share how they used to bale hay, “Old Fashioned.” Now they can sit in air conditioned cabs and not touch a single bale with the Norden Bale System.

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Jansen Farm Testimonial

Owners of Jansen Farm, father and son, Rich & Matt Jansen share why they chose the F4 Bale System for their Farm, why they chose it over other brands and why it has made their hay baling process so much easier. 

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Rohr Farms Testimonial

Dan Rohr, Owner of Rohr Farms, shares his experience with the Norden Bale system and why it helps get the job done. Especially with the current labor shortage.

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Miller Farms Testimonial

Brothers Clay and Tate Miller from Miller Farms share why the Norden Bale System has saved them so much time and labor.

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Horse Owners have their say on hay

March 31, 2023 11:10 AM By Krista Lea and Hay & Forage MagazineThe author is a research analyst and horse pasture evaluation program coordinator with the University of Kentucky. Alfalfa hay has its place in a horse diet, just

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Caleb’s Testimonial

Meet Caleb from the rolling hills of Dallastown, PA and his pup Jax. He has an AF10 Accumulator and a 510F Grabber.   “On the side of equipment I’d say the biggest benefit is that my 78 year old grandpa can pick up bales while sitting in the

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