August 8th



Farms Testimonial

Owner of R&D Malcolm Farms Dean Malcolm and son Colin Malcolm share how they used to bale hay, “Old Fashioned.” Now they can sit in air conditioned cabs and not touch a single bale with the Norden Bale System.

R&D Malcolm Farms is located in Butler, Indiana. The Malcolms (pictured above, Colin on the left and Dean on the right) have been farming for 4 generations and have been baling with the Norden Accumulator for 6 years! They farm 1,400 acres of corn, beans, hay and wheat that they bale into straw. Malcolm Farms owns the AF8 Bale Accumulator and EGF8 Standard Grabber. We asked the Malcolms how they used to bale hay and how does it differ now with their Norden System? Colin replied “We used to bale hay the old fashioned way with wagons, riding them back and forth, stacking em, sweating! It’d about kill ya in the hot summer days, now we can sit in air conditioned cabs!”

What is your favorite part of the Norden System? Dean answered, “It’s one of the better accumulators out there due to the fact thats there’s no hydraulics, no electric, it’s very simple to run.” Colin added “It’s all gravity and it makes less headaches, I mean it really does!”

Watch this video to see Dean & Colin’s experience with Norden.

We asked the Malcolms how has the Norden System helped with time and labor saving?

“Today we baled approximately 1,200 bales in 4 hours! With labor saving, it was getting to a point where I just couldn’t do it anymore, cause I’m no kid. So it’s helped tremendously, we also don’t need help to ride the wagons in the field anymore.” – Dean Malcolm

“From the time we hooked up to this in June of ’22, we have had no problems. Literally None.” – Dean Malcolm

What features do the Malcolms like about the AF8? Colin answered, “The features I like on the AF8 are the rollers, the dollies to keep everything level and the stainless steel to help everything slide and not wear down the paint. You don’t have to worry about putting a slip plate on them. It makes things a lot easier!”

For our last question we asked the Malcolms why they love farming so much? Colin jumped right in saying, “It’s peaceful and it’s different everyday. Also, to know what you’ve accomplished at the end of the day is a good feeling.” Dean then answered, “Being outside, just being outside. It could be 10 below or 90 degrees and I’m still outside. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.”

Thank you Malcolms for sharing your testimony! It was a pleasure meeting you and visiting your wonderful farm!