Wheel Rake

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Wheel Rake


This mid-capacity 10-wheel hay rake is designed to maximize the amount of crop gathered into the windrow while minimizing dirt and ash content. Plenty of clearance for crops with tandem rake wheel action follows the contour of the ground.

The rake is also available in models with eight or twelve wheels. There is also an optional kicker wheel to turn the center of the windrow.

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WR10 – 10 Wheel Rake


Our industry-leading rake arm suspension allows for consistent flotation of the wheels through the range of motion. The extra large, heavy-duty flotation spring gives you the most control of ground forces. Light touch ground pressure minimizes dirt and ash content in your windrow.

WR10 Wheel Rake Headlands lock

Synchronized Arm Lift

Turn around at the end of the field quickly with the arms raising at the same time. The hydraulic flow divider causes the arms to raise at the same rate.

Headland Lock

Start raking sooner by only partially raising the rake arms. The headland lock automatically limits the lift height and increases efficiency by spending less time lowering the arms.

Wheel Rake Single Side Selection Valve

Single Side Raking

Roll the windrow or rake a narrow swath by lowering either rake arm. Each lift cylinder is supplied through a lockout bypass valve that lets you easily select which side you want.

Toolless AdjustAbility

Full adjustability with no tools required. Width, rake arm angle, and ground pressure can all be adjusted with no tools.

Wheel Rake Headlands Lock


Safely travel with rake arms locked up in transportation mode. A simple rope pull unlocks the arms when you reach the field.

Optional Kicker Wheel

The optional kicker wheel lifts any unturned crop into the windrow. Integrating all of the hay or straw into the windrow promotes consistent crop moisture and quality.

Detailed specs


20’L x 9’9″W x 8’4″H

Approximate Weight

1590 lbs.

Min-Max Pickup

14′ 11″ – 18′ 11″



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