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    The Kuhns Mfg family is excited to announce our company’s name is now Norden Mfg! We are still the same people—the same ownership—working to create and manufacture the same trusted products as before. And because we value and prioritize our hardworking customers, we are eager to explain this transition and address any confusion as quickly as possible so that you can get back to what you love:

When Kenny Kuhns first named Kuhns Mfg, the office was at one end of the kitchen table and we assembled the accumulators in the farm shed. We could not have anticipated the growth that the company has experienced since then. Today we have 75 employees and sell hay equipment on 5 continents.

Kuhns Mfg has often been confused with another great company named Kuhn. Kuhn (without the s) is a great, 200 year old company from France that also manufactures and sells hay equipment. They are much larger than we are. As we continue to grow in our global reach and product lines, we find it necessary to be clear in our branding.

The new name and logo together are designed to reflect our core values and identity. Norden is German for North and German ties in our Amish roots. The logo is a star with a compass theme. The name and logo together remind us of the North Star. The North Star is true north for all people at all times in all places. We know that The Truth, like the North Star, exists on its own and transcends opinions and preferences. So while each one of us brings truth, we are not The Truth.

This change to Norden Mfg is just one necessary and exciting step forward for our company. By renaming to Norden Mfg, we’re highlighting our values and giving clarity to our identity. We will always celebrate and be thankful for our history as Kuhns Mfg as we navigate our path forward. We continue to look towards our goal to raise the tide for the purpose of lifting all boats.

As we start the change to Norden Mfg, we will be working with each of our customers, vendors and dealers to make the transition seamless.

It is important to remember that we are still:

  • the same people
  • the same owner
  • the same company
  • the same values and goals

The name and logo are the only changes to our company.

The name change will be taking place in early February and business will be going on as usual. We will be sending out announcements and updates through February to help keep you updated with any changes to our email addresses and the url to our website. You won’t see many physical changes other than the logo on our products. We are excited for this rebranding as it allows us to start expanding into new products and opportunities for our dealers. You are important to us and we are thankful for our trusted customer. We look forward to growing together as we keep our eyes “North” to a bigger and better future as Norden Manufacturing.

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