Norden MFG
Still Kuhns at Heart

Looking for Kuhns MFG?

We’ve rebranded as Norden MFG! Same ownership, same great products, brand new name.

A step Forward!

Norden Mfg is thrilled to announce that it is the new name of the company formerly known as Kuhns Mfg! Despite the change in name and logo, the company remains the same at its core, with the same people, ownership, and commitment to producing the same trusted products. As a company that values its hardworking customers, Norden Mfg is committed to creating equipment for the industry we all depend on:


In 2005, when Kenny Kuhns first named Kuhns Mfg, the office was at one end of the kitchen table and they assembled the accumulators in the farm shed. At the time, they could not have anticipated the growth that the company would experience. By February 2022, Kuhns Mfg had 75 employees and sold hay equipment on five continents.

However, Kuhns Mfg has often been confused with a French company called Kuhn (without the “s”), which is a 200-year-old company that also manufactures and sells hay equipment. Because of this confusion, Kuhns Mfg voluntarily decided to rename the company to Norden Mfg. The new name and logo were designed to reflect the company’s core values and identity. The name “Norden” is German for “North” and ties in with the company’s Amish roots. The logo features a star with a compass theme, reminiscent of the North Star. Together, the name and the logo represent a pursuit of absolute truth.

In February 2022, Kuhns Mfg was renamed Norden Mfg.

The renaming was just one necessary and exciting step forward for the company. By changing the name to Norden Mfg, the company highlighted its values and gave clarity to its identity while celebrating its history as Kuhns Mfg. The company worked with each of its customers, vendors, and dealers to make the transition seamless.

It is important to remember that despite the name change, the company remained the same in terms of people, ownership, values, and goals. The only changes were the name and logo. The company sent out announcements and updates throughout February to keep its customers, vendors, and dealers updated with any changes to email addresses and website URLs.

Norden Mfg was excited about the rebranding, which allowed them to expand into new products and opportunities for dealers. The company was and is thankful for its trusted customers and looked forward to growing together towards a bigger and better future as Norden Mfg.