August 11th

Miller Farms Testimonial

Brothers Clay and Tate Miller from Miller Farms share why the Norden Bale System has saved them so much time and labor.

Miller Farms is located in Shreve, Ohio. Clay, Tate, Clay’s girlfriend, father, mother, sister, brother in-law and sister in-law all help out on the farm! Miller Farms started with about 5 farming acres and since then have grown to 75! They also started out with an AF10 Norden Accumulator and like their farm grew to the AE15. Miller Farms also owns the KN615 Tie-Grabber and SQ102 Bale Squeeze, to complete the E15 Bale System.

“It has really increased our productivity. We went from having to touch every bale to now we can now just squeeze a whole pile and we can get back to the field that much quicker.” – Clay Miller on the Bale Squeeze

Watch this video to see how the Norden System grew with Miller Farms!

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“Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re not sure on something, cause Norden has been really helpful. Like with this squeeze I wasn’t sure on how to mount it and I just happened to ask them for help and they were very helpful on getting us the right parts.” – Clay Miller

“Give Norden a call, just do it. We never regretted it. It’s a piece of equipment your never like oh we didn’t really need this, you’re like man why didn’t we do this years ago.” – Clay Miller

“The Sqeeze I’d say has saved us Honestly hours. We’d used to be up till 1 in the morning just trying to unload trailers!” – Clay Miller

What do you like about the Norden Accumulator?

Clay responded, “It’s a simple concept it’s easy to work on, you don’t have anything that is really going to break or give you any issues, It’s a pretty fool proof system!”

We asked the Millers why they loved farming so much? Clay replied, “I say we grew up with it you know? It’s kinda like once it’s in your blood you just enjoy it, being out in the field on a nice beautiful day, just something peaceful about it.”

“I told my Dad the other day, we would never have been able to think about the size we are now without a setup like this.”

Thank you Millers for sharing your testimony and letting us come visit your farm!