July 28th

Rohr Farms


Dan Rohr, Owner of Rohr Farms, shares his experience with the Norden Bale system and why it helps get the job done. Especially with the current labor shortage. 

Rohr Farms is located in Alliance, Ohio. Dan, his son Spencer Rohr and his son’s wife Ali Rohr run the farm where they produce 20,000 bales of hay annually. Rohr Farms owns the AF10 Accumulator, two 510F Standard Grabbers, the KN510F Tie-Grabber and the SQ90 Bale Squeeze.

We asked Dan why he liked the Norden System and he responded,

“It makes hay baling go a lot easier with the way the labor shortage is. With just the three of us it makes it easier to get the hay out of the field and in the barn trying to fight the rain.”

Right now Dan and his family can do about 1,100 bales a day with the Norden System.

Watch this video for Dan’s full testimony and Rohr Farm’s F10 Bale System operation.



What would you tell a new user or someone interested in our system?

“I’d tell them to try it out and give Norden a call. See if it works for your system and help eliminate the labor.” – Dan Rohr


– Dan Rohr on the Norden squeeze

We asked Dan what makes him love farming so much?

He responded, “Freedom. I just love being outside, I’d do anything just to keep farming, that’d be it!”

Thank you Dan for sharing your testimonial and letting us visit your wonderful farm!