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Norden Mfg – Grabber & Tie-Grabber for Small Square Bales

About This Video

The patented Norden Grabbers and Tie-Grabbers take over the back-breaking work of lifting and stacking hay bales on the truck or wagon.  For producers with longer, rougher hauls to the barn, and to help ensure a safer, sturdier stack, we developed the exclusive Norden Tie-Grabber. By tying a single strand of baler twine around each hay bale grab, you exponentially increase the stability of your load or stack. A sturdier stack gives you more options for handling your hay bales.  For example, you can stack 4 to 5 groups of bales on a pallet while in the field. Now you have a secure bale stack on a pallet that can be unloaded in a single trip with a forklift. This saves a significant amount of time when compared to moving only 1 group of hay bales at a time.

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