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Norden Mfg 4 Bale Accumulator System

About This Video

The AF4 is attached to the baler and accumulates groups of 4 bales at up to 12 bales per minute. The EGF8 is designed to pick up 2 of these 4 bale groups in order to stack them on a wagon in 8 bale groups. At just 415 pounds, the EGF8 is light enough to be used with a utility tractor or small skid loader for loading and unloading. A full size accumulator system is recommended for growers baling more than 4000 bales a year. It is now possible for even the smallest acreage hay grower to utilize the proven design of the Norden Mfg hay accumulator. The AF4 accumulator and EGF8 grabber are built with the same principles of simplicity, dependability, and efficiency as our full size models, but at a much lower initial investment.

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