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How to Adjust the Norden MFG Tie-Grabber Arm Valve

About This Video

Does your knotter not tie when the twine arm comes around? Does the knotter start cycling while the twine arm is coming around? In this video we show you simple steps to help fix these issues. • First, if the twine arm comes around and the knotter does not rotate. Check the actuator arm which is located at the end of the twine arm cycle. If could have been flipped in the upwards position. It needs to be flipped down. When the twine arm comes into the knotter, it presses on the actuator arm which then pushes on the plunger valve. This allows hydraulic flow into the knotter. • Secondly, if the knotter is rotating when the twine arm is cycling around the grabber. Go to the plunger valve and check to see if it’s stuck in which would be allowing hydraulic flow to the knotter prematurely. Spray some lubricant or WD-40 on the opening space and work it back and forth until it moves freely.

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