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Norden Mfg Hay Accumulator System Overview

About This Video

The Norden Hay Accumulator system (formerly Kuhns) uses gravity and a simple mechanical system to efficiently arrange small square bales into a group. Unlike other bale accumulators, it uses no hydraulics, electronics, or chains. Using excess energy from the baler plunger, the bales are pushed up and out the top of the chute. As the bales slide down the accumulator bed, the last bale in each row swings a gate to open the next row. The last bale in the group opens the back gate. As the accumulator unloads itself, springs and counterweights automatically return all of the gates back to their starting position, ready for the next bale. The Norden Accumulator ✅ 8 models – 4 to 18 bale systems for all needs✅ Fully automated. No hydraulics or electronics✅ Gently carried bales stay clean & intact✅ High capacity to handle any baler output Norden Tie-Grabber ✅ 7 Models for tying 8 to 18 bale bundles ✅ Tied grabs make for safer and faster loading and stacking✅ Save time securing loads for transportation ✅ Can be used with any brand of hay accumulator The Norden Grabber✅ 8 Models – 8 to 18 bales✅ Can be used with any brand of hay accumulator✅ Durable frame made from 3/16” tubing✅ Maintenance free design uses UHMW bushings that don’t require greasing✅ Easy to replace worn/damaged hooks

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