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Baling Hay With Horses and Norden Mfg 1534 Hay Accumulator

About This Video

Baling hay with a team of four horses, an inline baler, and a 1534 Norden Mfg Hay Accumulator. This equipment is owned by an Amish farmer in central Illinois. He uses a Norden Mfg 615 Grabber on a skid steer to pick the grabs of hay up and stack them on trailers and wagons.We were driving down the road and spotted an Amish lady out baling with this rig. The Amish are opposed to having their picture was taken, much less video, so we hopped on and drove the hitch and let the lady rest under the shade tree while we shot this video. You can catch a glimpse of her in the background, to the right, at the very beginning.

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