Quick Spotter
A Forklift Trailer Spotter

Forklift Trailer Spotter 

The QuickSpotter is a trailer spotter that offers a unique advantage. With its patented Fork-Lok technology, it can lock onto the exposed heel of forklift forks for effortless trailer movement. The QuickSpotter streamlines the trailer handling process, saving time and reducing discomfort. Upgrade your operation with the QuickSpotter, the trailer spotter that delivers a patent pending solution.

Approach and Lift

Auto Lock

Move with Confidence

Heavy Duty Gooseneck Hitch

• Standard Gooseneck ball, 2 5/16”
• Standard gooseneck ball will enable moving of gooseneck trailers.
• Easily spot the gooseneck in the yard for optimal loading or storage.

Auto Locking

• Exclusive Patent Pending Fork-Lok to automatically lock QuickSpotter onto forklift forks.
• Automatic lock removes the requirement for the forklift operator to get off of seat.
• Automatic lock increases operator safety since they can remain in seated position.

Multiple Ball Hitch

• Tri-Ball Hitch with Wagon Clevis
• Move nearly any type of bumper or clevis style wagon or trailer.
• Don’t worry about being able to move a trailer or wagon around the yard.

Detailed specs

Working Dimensions

57” L x 33” W x 16.75” H

Approximate Weight

160 lbs.

Fork Spacing

24″ W

Fork Pocket Size

2.4” H x 6.625” W

Maximum Lifting Capacity

5,100 lbs.

Triball Sizes

1-7/8”, 2”, & 2-5/16”

Hitch Pin Hole Size




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