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KN408F Tie-Grabber

  • The KN408F Tie-Grabber picks up and ties bales that are arranged by the AF8 bale accumulator. Two long, four wide, flat, on strings.
  • A lower weight requirement for this Tie-Grabber allows for the use of a smaller loader, and the bundle can be picked up from any of its sides.
  • The square dimensions of this arrangement allow for cross-stacking, and the 2-bale length allows for narrower wagons or for longer bales.
  • Requires a loader with at least 1,700lb lift capacity, see details for hydraulic requirements


This highly reliable Rasspe Knotter allows for a consistent tying method.

Squeeze Arm

Once the machine is aligned with the bale bundle, the Squeeze Arm applies pressure and squeezes the bales tightly together to form a strong and compact bundle. This arm is important for creating a bundle that is easy to stack, move, and load.

Loader Mount

This customizable option allows you the flexibility to move between multiple loader hookups.

Twine Arm

When hydraulically engaged, the twine arm wraps twine around the bundle of bales to hold the bundle together.

Multiple Hose Options

This machine allows you to choose two hydraulic hoses with a wire control in the cab, or a four hydraulic hose option. This customizable feature allows you to choose the best option for your operation.

Detailed Specs

Bale Configuration

4 Bales Wide and 2 Bales Long

Group Dimensions

72” Wide by 64” to 72” Long

Required Loader Capacity

1,700 lbs.

Working Height

2 ft. 6 in.

Working Length

6 ft. 0 in.

Working Width

6 ft. 0 in.

Approximate Weight

1,280 lbs.