Looking for Kuhns MFG?

We’ve rebranded as Norden MFG! Same ownership, same great products, brand new name.

Formed by our history to invest in your future

Founded: 2005
Headquarters: North Bloomfield, OH

Norden Mfg began with Kenny Kuhns’ honest need for simple and sustainable farming equipment.

Growing up, he would stack countless bales of hay onto wagons and into barns while working on a dairy farm in Illinois. At a very young age, he discovered a passion for innovating new and improved ways to transport fresh hay to the barn before the rain came.

When Kenny moved from Illinois to Ohio, this passion helped him see a substantial but unmet need he was hearing about from hay farmers all around him: they needed a more reliable and efficient process for small square baling. Inconsistent and quick-changing weather made it necessary to have a more streamlined method for pick-up, transportation, and storage of their small square bales.

Kenny’s experience and observations drove his determination to find a better system. He knew that there was a simpler solution than the hydraulic and electronic-assisted accumulators already on the market. So through faith and persistence, he and his family developed a design that simplified the entire process and lengthened the lifetime of the equipment.

In the summer of 2002, he began building the Accumulator that would soon grab the attention of farmers across the globe.

Today, the Kuhns family continues to be inspired by our history of determination, innovation, and goodwill. Our Accumulator came about through honest work and sheer persistence. Norden Mfg is forever inspired by this history, propelled by innovation, and driven by an honest wish to improve the lives of our family, our farming community, and our agricultural industry. We are motivated by our promise to provide affordable equipment that is simple to run, easy to repair, and built without any planned obsolescence or malfunction.

Just as Kenny encountered days where the rainfall was inevitable and the hay was ruined, Norden Mfg understands the risks and obstacles that farmers confront each day. This knowledge motivates us to continue innovating, designing, and manufacturing more sustainable solutions to solve problems throughout the hay-baling process and the industry as a whole.