Kuhns Mfg Announces Company Name Change to Norden Mfg.

NORTH BLOOMFIELD, OH JANUARY 18, 2022 – Kuhns Mfg., providing quality square bale handling products for hay growers featuring Hay Accumulators, Tie-Grabbers, and Standard Grabbers, announces a company name and rebranding change to Norden Mfg.

They have decided to change their name to Norden Mfg. for three main reasons. First, they want to create clarity and reduce confusion in the marketplace. This will also allow the opportunity to expand their product offerings for their dealers. Expanding its product lines will enhance the long-term stability of the company. Owner and inventor of the Kuhns Accumulator, Kenny Kuhns stated, “As part of our
focus on business development, our family believes that rebranding our company to a name that creates clarity of identity and reflects our values provides an opportunity for us to offer a range of new products.”

Of course, they are still the same people—the same ownership—working to create and manufacture the same trusted products as before. But now, as Norden Mfg., they have a name that speaks to the future successes of both the company and their partners.

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