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510F Grabber

  • 10 bale grabber for moving bales arranged 2 long, 4 wide plus tie row, on edge.
  • Bale groups can be picked up from the tie row end or the opposite end, enabling cross-stacking
  • Matches bundles made with the AF10 bale accumulator.
  • Heavy-duty grapple.
  • Requires a loader with at least 1,700lb lift capacity and one set of remotes

Steel Tube frame

This quality steel frame ensures high strength and durability.

Cast steel bale hooks

Once the group is tight, a single hydraulic cylinder rotates all the hooks simultaneously into the top of the bales to pick up the group. These durable hooks allow for 2 hooks per bale to ensure the bundle is secure while transporting bundles.

Adjustable Crowd Bar

The Standard Grabber features an adjustable crowd bar that is mounted on the side of the grabber. When approaching a group of bales, the adjustable crowd bar works in combination with the back frame to crowd the bale group together.

Detailed Specs

Bale Configuration

4 Bales Wide and 2 Bales Long, plus a tie row with 2 bales turned sideways

Bundle Dimensions

72” to 76” Wide by 88” to 94” Long

Required Loader Capacity

1,700 lbs.

Working Height

1 ft. 1 in.

Working Length

7 ft. 6 in.

Working Width

6 ft. 0 in.

Approximate Weight

740 lbs.