Hay Squeeze

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Sq90 Hay Squeeze

  • Picks up tied bundles that are 4, 5, or 6 bales wide and 2.5 bales long.
  • Inside length of 89 inches.
  • For maximum efficiency, it is recommended to pick up as many bales as the loader can safely handle.
  • Has a maximum lifting capacity of 4000 pounds.
  • Weighs 1,020 pounds without the loader bracket.
  • Works with the F10 hay bale pack.
Norden SQ90 bale squeeze detail

Strong Where Needed

Designed and built with precision, this squeeze maximizes lifting capacity while providing the necessary strength. Developed in collaboration with the experts at Clerf, upgrade your operation and experience effortless bale handling today.

Norden SQ90 bale squeeze lifting 60 bales of hay

Move many Bales in a short order

Moving multiple tied layers of bales in a single move will save you the maximum amount of time. Capable of handling up to 4,000 lbs., this hay squeeze allows you to move up to eighty, 50 lb. bales at once, streamlining your operations and increasing productivity. The only question is if your loader can take it.

Norden bale squeeze detail

Your Loader, YOur Hay Squeeze

Whether it is your skid steer, telehandler, or forklift we likely already have the ability to attach to it. We have the technology to make it happen.

SQ90 Hay Squeeze Detailed Specs

Shipping Dimensions

95” L x 74” W x 29” H

Working Dimensions

89” L x 67.5-103.5” W x 29” H

Approximate Weight

1,020 lbs.

Group Size

72-90” W x 89-96” L

Maximum Lifting Capacity

4,000 lbs.

Bale Packs