Specialty Grabbers

Specialty Grabbers


The NH618-18 Bale NH Stackwagon Grabber allows you to pick up 18 bales on edge. These bale groups are made for NH Stackwagons that arrange 18 bales per layer (3 wide by 6 long). This machine requires a loader with at least 2,200lb lift capacity and one set of remotes.

Detailed specs

Bale Configuration

3 Bales Wide by 6 Bales Long

Bundle Dimensions

102″ to 108” Wide by 90” Long

Required Loader Capacity

2,200 lbs.

Working Height

1 ft. 1 in.

Working Length

7 ft. 5 in.

Working Width

8 ft. 6 in.

Approximate Weight

890 lbs.

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