Wheel Rake


This mid-capacity 10 wheel rake is designed to maximize the amount of crop gathered into the windrow while minimizing dirt and ash content. It can be used with one side to invert cut hay or other forage crop to allow wet hay on the bottom of the swath to be exposed to sun and wind. The rake is aslo available in models with eight or twelve wheels. There is also an optional kicker wheel to turn the center of the windrow.


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Wheel Rake Flotation System
Wheel Rake Single Side Selection Valve
Wheel Rake Lift Arm
  • 1Smooth Flotation Spring

    Our industry leading mechanism allows consistent flotation of the wheels. This extra large heavy duty flotation spring gives you the most consistent control of ground force. Light touch ground pressure minimizes dirt and ash content into your windrow. This allows better and cleaner hay product.

  • 2Equal Arm Lift

    The equal flow manifold allows for both arms to raise and lower at the same rate. Along with the headlands lock, this reduces turn around time at the end of each row.

  • 3Optional Kicker Wheel

    The kicker wheel is optional on all models. This allows for any unturned hay to lift into the windrow. By making sure your whole windrow is getting enough air and sun ensures better drying time and reduces chances for molding.

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