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What are the wheel bearing part numbers for the accumulator?

Full size 888 hub: 6″ Bolt Circle, 4.62″ Pilot

Outer Bearing LM67048 #1003640
Outer Bearing Race LM-67010 #1005220

Inner Bearing JL-69349 #1003630
Inner Bearing Race JL-69310 #1005210

Grease Seal AG-GS-25661625SL #1003710

Please see the manuals of the legacy AF4 and the Wheel Rakes for those part numbers.

Is it possible to grab the bales from the side too?

That is only possible with the 8-bale flat models and 10-bale edge models.

Can you put the Norden Mfg Grabber on a standard front-end loader?

Yes, we can mount pin-style or quick attach brackets or adapters on Norden Mfg tie-grabbers and standard grabbers. The tie-grabbers are designed to be bolt on and the standard grabbers are normally welded on. There 50+ types of loader brackets available.

What is the maximum length of hay bales that Norden Mfg Accumulators will handle?

The longest bale length we have tested is 40 inches. We offer extended models of the Tie-Grabbers and Grabbers to accommodate long bales.

Will my Norden Mfg Grabber fit inside an 8-foot wide tractor-trailer van without tearing it up?

Yes. We prefer to use a dock for loading bundles with a Grabber into tractor-trailer vans. On our farm, we attach the 615 Grabber to a skid steer to drive it in. We find that using the Grabber to arrange 5 bales on edge along one side of the van with the skid steer and hand-stacking 1 bale flat along the other side of the van works very well.
There are many other methods to load a van trailer with the various group sizes. The 18 bale edge and 15 bale flat arrangements fit the trailers best lengthwise and the 10 bale flat arrangement fits crosswise if your bales are not too long.

How close to the top of the tractor-trailer van can I get when stacking bundles into the van with a Grabber mounted on a loader?

With the skid steer, you can use the Grabber to stack the bundles into the van until you reach the top layer, at which point you will need to stack the bales by hand to completely fill the van. It works best to build the stack outside of the trailer to the height desired and then push the entire stack into the trailer. If using this method, we recommend using a Tie-Grabber.

What horsepower tractor do you recommend for Norden Mfg Accumulators and Grabbers?

There is no extra horsepower required for the Accumulator models. The lift capacity requirements for the Grabbers will vary according to the model.

After the last bales slide off onto the ground, what closes the back gate on the Accumulator?

The accumulator is completely mechanical. The last bale of a bundle triggers a switch to release the back gate. The back gate is pushed open by the bales and then gravity swings it shut after they have all slid out.

Will the Accumulator fit my baler?

All Accumulator models will fit any 14’ x 18’ baler. The flat bale Accumulator models fit both 14’ x 18’ and 16’ x 18’ balers.

Will I have to remove the kicker to hook up the Accumulator to my baler?

Yes. The Accumulator hooks up directly behind the bale chamber. There are clear instructions in the owner’s manual on how to set up your baler for a Norden accumulator. If you want to look at a manual, you can find them on the Manuals Page

Can the bales be laid flat on their string side instead of on their edge?

Yes. We offer Accumulator, Tie-Grabber, and Grabber models to accommodate putting the bales on their string sides.

Can the Accumulator handle a steep slope without difficulties?

In most cases, yes. Only incredibly steep hills will require adjustments of any kind. The Accumulator is designed with a low center of gravity, and this is lowered even more with a hay load, so it can handle just about any hill that your tractor can. Of course, there is a limit to the slope and the Accumulator has been known to flip when that limit is exceeded.

In general, how much time is needed to assemble Norden equipment once it is delivered?

It takes on average 30 min. to set it up a Norden machine after delivery.


What is the advantage of using edge models?

For drying in the stack. Studies have found that hay bales cure much better when stored on their edges. Moisture cannot easily navigate upwards through bales when they are not stored on edge.

What should I do when I am finished for the day but there are still extra bales in the chute or lanes of my Accumulator?

If there are any bales still in the chute, using something long and stiff like a broomstick works to push them up and out the chute. If there are any bales left in the lanes, you can manually trip the back gate to open it and release them.

Can the Accumulator handle an 80-85lb. bale?

Yes, any 10-bale Accumulator model can.

What should I do if a bale is not tied properly coming out of the baler?

Keep baling until the un-tied bale comes out the top of the Accumulator’s chute, then simply clean the loose hay off of the Accumulator. Please remember to fix the knotter issue before continuing baling.

Rebranding to Norden Mfg.

Who is the owner of Norden Mfg?

Kenny Kuhns remains the owner and founder of Kuhns Mfg and now Norden Mfg.

What is the meaning behind the new logo and name?

The new logo depicts a compass to reflect the values of Norden Mfg (previously Kuhns Mfg). We truly intend to pursue the truth that is larger than ourselves for the purpose of lifting ourselves and everyone around us to new opportunities and abilities. With a compass as the logo and a name that means “north” in German, we are illustrating our constant path forward.

Was Kuhns Mfg bought out?

No, it was a simple name change. We are still the same ownership, same people, same products.

Why did Kuhns Mfg change its name?

Kuhns Mfg. has often been confused with another great company named Kuhn. Kuhn (without the s) is a great, 200 year old company from France that also manufactures and sells hay equipment. They are much larger than we are. As we continue to grow in our global reach and product lines, we find it necessary to be clear in our branding.

Additionally, the new name highlights the Kuhns family’s German roots as well as our company values. “Norden” is German for “North.” And our brand believes the direction forward is one where the work we do and the decisions we make reflect the coming success and progress of our family, our community, and our entire industry.

Will the @kuhnsmfg.com email addresses still work?

The @kuhnsmfg.com addresses will automatically redirect to the matching email recipients at Norden Mfg. To easily reach a member of the Norden team, visit the Contact Us page on this site, or feel free to give us a toll free call at 877.296.5851

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