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  • Why Use an Accumulator?

    The innovative design of the hay Accumulator allows for a fully automatic machine without the complications that come with hydraulics or electronics. By harnessing excess energy from a baler plunger, the small square bales are propelled to the top of the chute on the front of the hay Accumulator. This design ensures no extra pressure is applied to the plunger, and the chute does not deform the square bales in the process. Once the hay bale travels to the top of the chute, the hay Accumulator’s gravity-driven gates guide small square bales into their bundles. The last bale in the bundle releases a gate to drop the bundle onto the ground. Once the hay Accumulator unloads the bundle of small square bales, springs and gravity ensure all gates return to their starting position, ready for the next bale of hay.

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  • AF10 Accumulator in action
  • KN612F Tie-Grabber in action
  • Why Use a Tie Grabber?

    Tie-Grabbers, otherwise known as grapples, from Norden Mfg are built to complement the efficiency of our entire Hay Automation System. The Tie Grabber attaches to any loader to pick up your hay bundles and securely tie them with twine, allowing each bundle to remain taught, easily moved, and stacked. These models begin by grabbing small square bundles of hay with their primary hydraulic circuit, which operates the bale squeeze and bale hooks. When activated, the squeeze bar pulls bales in. Then, a sequence valve automatically activates the bale hooks. The Tie Grabber’s secondary hydraulic circuit operates the twine arm and the knotter. The twine arm starts on the right-hand side of the bundle, and when it completes its rotation, a valve automatically diverts the flow to the knotter to complete the process, tying off your bundle securely.

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  • Why Use a Grabber?

    The Norden Mfg Standard Grabber, otherwise known as grapples, can be used with any loader, allowing you to move and stack already-tied bundles of small square hay bales, and it is perfect for transporting and stacking bundles in barns, onto trailers, or into semis. The Grabber features an adjustable crowd bar mounted to its side. When approaching a bundle, the adjustable crowd bar works in combination with the back frame to hold the small square hay bale bundle together. Once the bundle is tight, a single hydraulic cylinder rotates all the Grabber’s cast steel hooks simultaneously down into the bales to pick up the entire bundle. Two hooks per bale ensure that each one is secure until they’re released onto the waiting truck or wagon.

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  • 408F Grabber in action
  • AF12 Accumulator in action
  • What is an Accumulator?

    Hay accumulators are designed to help hay growers load small square bales out of the field and into the barn quicker. These efficient machines eliminate extra labor allowing farmers to save on labor costs. Especially with the lack available laborers, hay accumulators automate your hay operation.

    For years, farmers have been stacking hay by hand. Hay accumulators organize small squares bales and then drop them into a bundle. These bundles are then picked up by a grabber or tie-grabber and loaded onto a wagon. This saves farmers the pain of loading hay by hand for hours on end.

    Extra energy from the hay balers pushes the small square bales up our chute. The chute comes twisted or straight which determines if the bales are on their edge or strings. Gravity then carries the small square bales down the backside of the hay accumulator.  This side of the accumulator is designed for arrangements of 4 bale, 8 bale, 10 bales, 12 bale, 15 bale or 18 bales. By using a lever and pully system, the bales drop into their appropriate places. When the last bale drops from the chute, a bale trip system releases the back gate and the bundle of small square bales drop onto the ground in their given arrangement.

    Hay Accumulators are ideal for the farmer with small square bales looking to help on the farm.

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