Bale Accumulator

Square Bale Accumulator For 15 Bales Flat

  • Bales arranged flat with their string side down, 5 bales wide/3 bales long
  • Handles bales from 32” to 40” in length
  • 15-bale grouping is well-suited to fill van trailers from the rear or a 24’ wagon
  • The bale group dimensions are 90” wide by 96” to 120” long

Straight Chute

The straight chute allows each bale to stay flat on its strings, while the baler provides the force needed to push the bales to the top of the chute. Loosening the chamber pressure makes up the difference.

Stainless Steel Deck

The stainless steel deck provides a better surface for the bales to slide in higher dirt and moisture conditions.

Gravity-Driven Gates and Final Bale Trip

As gravity moves the bales downward, the last bale in each row swings a gate to open the next row. The last bale in the grab opens the back gate.

Automatic Rear Gate

The last bale in the grab opens the back gate. As the accumulator unloads itself, springs automatically return all the gates back to their starting position, and the rear gate snaps back shut, ready for the next bale.

Cornering Guide Belt

Sharp turns are no problem as the guide belt keeps bales properly aligned and moving up the chute.

Bale Configuration

5 Bales Wide and 3 Bales Long

Group Dimensions

90” Wide by 96” to 120” Long

Approximate Weight

2,740 lbs.

Working Height

11 ft. 5 in.

Working Length

21 ft. 9 in.

Working Width

9 ft. 4 in.